Steel Stud Framing

We are attuned to the benefits that steel stud framing has afforded the industry. Not only from a construction perspective, but a design one as well with the architects, designers and building owners being the chief beneficiaries. Knowing that a trustworthy, solid foundation will be established allows the design teams to think outside the box thereby creating newsworthy building achievements from the ground up.

Let our wall system specialists deal with your residential projects like basement finishing projects or other home renovations while our experienced framing teams will tackle larger commercial framing jobs such as the construction of retirement homes or condominium buildings.

We guarantee to offer the same high standards while framing your project as we do in all other work we perform. We will deliver quality and timely results while adhering to or exceeding building codes required in your area.

Our scope of work for steel stud framing includes both Division 5-Cold formed metal framing and Division 9-Metal support systems:

Steel Stud Framing

  • Exterior Galvanized Steel Stud Framing of Load Bearing Walls and Soffits
  • Exterior and Interior Heavy Gauge Steel Stud Framing
  • Interior Light Gauge Steel Stud Framing for Partitions
  • Interior Light Gauge Steel Stud Framing for Drop Ceilings and Bulk Heads
  • Shop Drawings by Professional Structural Engineer for All Load Bearing Steel Stud Members and Other Natural and Environmental Factors
  • Vertical and Horizontal Shaft Enclosure Framing