T-Bar Ceilings

T-bar ceilings are also known as drop ceilings, false ceilings or suspended ceilings. They are essentially a secondary ceiling that is installed below the structural ceiling as a means to hide unsightly pipes, ductwork, electrical runways and low voltage wiring for telephone, web, cable TV and audio-visual systems. The area above the ceiling tile is called the plenum.

Installing a T-Bar Ceiling
The usual approach with a T-bar ceiling is to start by establishing the desired ceiling height, laying out the perimeter rails and then running the rails across the room. There are some general guidelines that one should consider before getting started:

Most commercial buildings have sufficient headroom to allow 8ft (2.44m) or more when suspended. Residential installations are often limited. It is preferable to try to achieve at least 7½ft (2.29m) feet of clearance for comfortable results. Always check with your local building authority to ensure your installation will meet code. T-Bar ceiling tiles are easy to install so long as there is a minimum 4" (10.16cm) of space above the track. This allows enough room to wiggle in the ceiling tile without damaging it.

T-Bar ceilings rarely if ever fit the room perfectly and therefore, you will need to cut some tiles for a snug fit. The most attractive results are achieved by balancing the grid so that the outer ring of tiles is approximately the same size. This of course requires preplanning the ceiling grid layout.

T-Bar ceilings can be very beneficial for areas where access to pipes or wiring may be occasionally needed. Examples include accessing a hidden water faucet to exterior taps, controlling ventilation louvers, or maybe accessing a distribution hub for low voltage wiring that may be hidden up, out of the way that may be connected to a blue tooth transmitter.

We, at Steelage, provide complete T-Bar solutions which include installing a new ceiling, hiding an existing ceiling, create a more dramatic visual effect, or boost the acoustical effect of a suspended ceiling and a lot more. We focus on providing you with the best possible service and strive to surpass your expectations in every way. Your ceiling job is our business!