Steel Stud Framing – The Next Big Thing in Residential Construction

Homo sapiens, which literally means the ‘wise man’, have been very ruthless and reckless to mother earth in its pursuit for a perfect living. Mother earth has enough to satisfy our needs but doesn’t have enough to satisfy our greed and we humans tend to get greedy. The widespread tree felling, which has been done for commercial and residential construction is a matter of concern. We have to look for the alternate materials. Here, the wonder metal, STEEL comes to our rescue. Steel is strong, ductile, malleable, easy to use and above all it is 100% recyclable. The process of Steel Stud Framing as an alternative to wood has taken the construction industry by storm. Steel, as a material for construction, scores over wood in a number of areas. Some of the benefits of using steel in construction are enlisted below:

Steel does not shrink, swell, split or warp and is non combustible. Whereas wood is prone to all these problems with an added advantage of insect attack.

Ease of use
Steel can be cut to exact lengths eliminating the hassle of onsite cutting and thus the nuisance of saw dust. Steel weighs 60% less than wood and therefore foundation and seismic loads can be reduced. Steel frames are manufactured with pre-punched holes for running piping and electric wiring therefore cutting down time for pre-preparation.

Rough & tough and all terrain material
Steel can be used for construction of all types of homes be it traditional, modern, ultra modern, low cost or luxurious. Steel framed houses are fit for every type of climate.

Environmental Benefits
Steel can be recycled repeatedly with minimum degradation of properties. On the other hand it’s not possible to recycle wood. The extensive tree felling done for the procurement of wood weighs very heavy on the environment.

Homeowner Benefits
The inherent strength of makes steel makes it durable for years without the worry of rotting, splitting or decaying. It is incombustible. Steel framed houses are healthier as they don’t catch molds and many people are known to have as allergy to molds. Steel is sans harmful chemical and adhesives used for treating wood framing products.

Therefore STEEL, in the form of Steel Stud Framing, has now become ‘the preferred material’ for construction of residential properties. Over the years steel has already shown a record performance in terms of quality and durability in commercial building and now steel framing is all set to take the residential construction by a storm.

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